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KAT Study

Welcome to the KAT study! This study was designed to investigate how parent-child relationships affects a child's well-being. We focus on the interaction between parents and children to determine factors that promote child well-being.

Fill out an Interest form

This will let us know you are interested in learning more and possibly participating. One of our team members will be in communication to discuss logistics.

Visit the lab

You and your child will visit the lab to participate in the study. During the visit we will be monitoring your health using watches and ask for a spit sample.


You will be asked some questions relating to challenges you and your child have experienced. 

Child Activity

Your child will be asked to participate in a series of puzzle games while you are in the room with them.


After the test has been completed you will take a brief period to relax before you move on to the next process. 


You and your child will be asked a series of questions by one of the researchers following the activity. 

Why is this important?

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Dr. Black, Lab Director 

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"We know that parents want to do the best they can for their children, and our work aims to identify the ways in which parents positively impact their child’s development. We also want to learn how to assist parents when they inevitably face challenges. We absolutely could not do this important work without the families who generously share their time with us!"
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